Doris M:

I would like to thank Ms. Owens, owner of Temp Systems for placing me in one of the finest jobs that I have ever had. The people where I am employed are very kind. I have never been talk to disrespectful by any of the owners or the staff.
I especially want to thank Laura Pigman, that had the difficult task of looking for the right job and hours for me.
I have found that there are people, who appreciate a good work ethic. I highly recommend because they know what they are doing. They are honest and will give you pointers if you need to know what to wear, help with a resume and how to conduct yourself in an interview. So I take my hat off to these fine professionals and if you need employment, I encourage you go to them and end your wait.

Margaret P:
The process of obtaining employment is an ordeal. Whether it is your 1st job or your 100th job, it can be confusing, exhausting and discouraging. At 57 years old, I felt like I had entered an alternate universe as I attempted to maneuver through all the requirements.
According to the Career Center, I had submitted 220 applications in my 3 months of unemployment. I,also, had numerous staffing agencies contacting me. I applied online at other career and business sites. I attended job fairs. I went to countless 1st, 2nd and panel interviews. I was informed that I was "over qualified ", "under qualified " and "...a wonderful person ". But, I was still unemployed.
Without much hope, I went to Temp Systems. I spoke with Jeanne and she told me about an employment opportunity. She felt that I would be a "perfect fit" for this particular employer. She even hand delivered my resume! I was scheduled for an interview that afternoon. Fifteen minutes after the interview, Jeanne called to inform me that I had been hired!
My employer and my position are perfect for me! Because of my previous experience, I was functioning in my position within 3 hours of training. I would almost volunteer for this employer and position! I am hopeful and overwhelmed with gratitude.
Sometimes, other people's knowledge, experience and resources are exactly what we need. I could have saved myself a lot of stress, effort and time by going to Temp Systems first. Whether it is your 1st job or your 100th job, I recommend that you start with Temp Systems.
You don't have to go it alone!